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Does Your Therapist Ask a Lot of Questions?

Question by frankie1996: does your therapist ask a lot of questions?
i’ve been seeing my therapist for 3-4 times now. He is my first and only therapist so I couldn’t compare, but i felt like he has been kind of unresponsive, he is extremely nice and compassionate, but he doesn’t seem to ask a lot of questions or gives me actual tips on how to overcome my poblems. For the sessions i’ve had, he just pretty much let me talk about my week, and when i ran out of things to say, the long silence came in… he occasionally ask me questions but most of the time i have to keep on talking, and he just sits there and nod.

im not sure if this is a particular method to let the patient open up and discuss freely, but i wish he could’ve offered more, maybe he’s just using a method i’m not used to.

Can anyone share their therapy experience? what was your therapist like?

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Answer by I am Hypocrite
They won’t ask you questions if you already explained your stories in detail.

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