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Alcoholism : How to Live With an Alcoholic?

When living with an alcoholic, it’s important to know that the individual is the only person who can stop their drinking, so it is counterproductive to try and control their drinking. Discover how to avoid being an enabler with help from a medical doctor that specializes in addiction psychiatry in this free video on living with alcoholics. Expert: Bernardo Savariego Contact: Bio: Dr. Bernardo Savariego is a medical doctor and psychiatrist in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


The Cure for Alcoholism: Drink Your Way Sober Without Willpower, Abstinence or Discomfort

The Cure for Alcoholism: Drink Your Way Sober Without Willpower, Abstinence or Discomfort

  • ISBN13: 9781933771557
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Introducing a revolutionary solution to alcohol dependence, this study outlines the Sinclair Method, a treatment that combines the prescription medication Naltrexone and the continued consumption of alcohol. Already well known in many parts of Europe

Is It Worth Seeing a Counsellor?

Question by charlotte048: Is it worth seeing a counsellor?
If two people are in love can they sort through their problems? Is seeing a relationship counsellor together a good idea? They are problems which re putting strain on the relationship but they aren’t completely unsolvable… like he doesn’t love her in the way she wants him to but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her at all… and whenever they argue (I mean come on many couples argue) they don’t really know how to do it properly (a counsellor could teach them). Are these things a counsellor could help with? What are come ways to suggest to a couple that it’s a good idea? Does it cost much money? Would the sessions need to be regular like once a week or only once a month?

Best answer:

Stress Relief Through Charity

One of the best ways to relieve yourself from the stresses in life is by giving to others. When you help others it takes the focus off of you and your problems and shifts the focus to the needs of others.

Helping others brings about change in the community and a peace to you and someone in need. Below are 10 ways to volunteer and give the gift of yourself to others:

1. Walkathons: Walkathons are charity walks. The only thing required is desire, determination and some good walking shoes. To participate contact the charity of your choice who is hosting the walk to register. Once you register you will be asked to get sponsors to donate money on behalf of you walking. Sponsors can be anyone- your family members, co-workers, church members, local businesses etc. Donations can be anywhere from .00 to as much as your sponsor is willing to donate.

What Do I Do About My Depression?

Question by star: what do i do about my depression?
I’m 18 and have been depressed for as long as i can remember. but i was only just diagnoised this year for major depression. sometimes i feel better but it’s like the calm before the storm. i moved out a couple months ago into an apt with my friends, i don’t have any money for meds or therapy (not that it was helping because i could never get a freaking appointment) and my school takes forever with their counseling.
i can usually handle myself okay but recently i’ve felt like my 13 year old self again because i’m now back to…
-experimenting with(stupid) drugs (all the time)
-other self mutilations
-eating disorders
i just hate this feeling and i have no control, i’m freaking out and i almost feel like i should be hospitilized but idk how to go about doing that or what else there is to do. i start college as a freahman in a week. i’ve tried different outlets, i write/read/draw/dance etc. all the time. i’m not suicidal (yet) i’m just freaking out and want to cry/scream/scratch/bite/choke all the time, do anything to escape reality… what do i do?
I did a trial with the depression patch and it REALLY did not help and i also tried something called like trazadine or something? because i also have insomnia it helped a little bit but made me drowsy the whole day
i would like to get better without meds but i know that is difficult what i need a guess would be free therapy but that doesn’t really exist.

Where Can I Receive Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder?

Question by businesswoman005: Where can I receive treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder?
I am in need of some psychiatric therapy, as I am experiencing depression, anxiety, and stress. I am wondering if there are any treatment/rehabilitation centers where I can go for an extended period of time to receive treatment for my emotional disorder.

Does anyone know of any treatment centers in the US (or abroad) where someone can get help? If you can please refer me to any websites or programs I would greatly appreciate it. I am not looking for a hospital, or a psychotherapist. I am moreso looking for a place that I can go to get away and get help for my emotional disorder. Thank you very much.

Best answer:

Answer by Q
The only places you can go to get help are hospital’s or private dr’s offices! There is no camp for resort for ppl with mental illness! Though having one would probably be a great idea!

What Is “the Lesbian Treatment”?

Question by Todius Maximus: What is “the lesbian treatment”?
One of the girls at work has to work with a guy who is a real slacker. She told me she’s going to give him “the lesbian treatment”. What’s that?

Best answer:

Answer by Ellery Trivilino
It probably means she’s going to get all scary on him. Lesbians tend to be known for being “manly” and “bitchy” at the same time. You really don’t want a lesbian to get in your face.

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Why Do People Have Problems With Underage Drinking?

Question by erowidkid: Why do people have problems with underage drinking?
I am an eighteen year old who has been reviewing the different posts/questions regarding underage drinking. I have encountered several people who get quite upset at those of us who are alright with the issue and I thought it would be fun to see a debate on yahoo answers. Heres my opinion, I am eighteen years old have had a job since 14, two jobs since 15 and maintained a B+ gpa throughout high school. I certainly think I am mature enough and responsible enough to determine if I am capable of drinking alcohol. But even for those who are not so responsible, is it not their lives, should they not be given the option to ruin it if they please. Overall, my basic philosophy for life is that anyone should be able to do what they please as long as they do not hurt anyone else in the process. Thus I certainly do not support drinking and driving or such dangerous situations. What exactly is wrong with this philosophy.

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Pharmacist counseling patient on L-arginine (natural product) – Pharmacy student created video of a patient – pharmacist interaction regarding the use of the supplement L-arginine.


Washington State Pain Center Helps Injured Workers Get Their Lives Back

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Since its founding, the bulk of Pacific Rehabilitation's patient population has been injured workers, referred by physicians, vocational counselors, nurse case managers and claims managers. Chronic pain often has a significant effect on these workers …
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Morton also talked about the need for drug and alcohol addiction services in the region. “We suffer in this area because we don't have any detoxification facilities,” said the deputy chief, who is running for sheriff of Penobscot County. “They end up …
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Multiple family members read out heartbreaking personal statements about Switzer's passing, each passionately describing the love they had for him and the horror of his loss. When Switzer's brother Ben began to read his statement, he broke down in tears.
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