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Online Marriage Counseling Online Couples Therapy Imago Relationship Therapy Call: 4435707598


Online Marriage Counseling Online Couples Therapy Imago Relationship therapy Call: 4435707598 – Online Marriage Counseling Online Couples Therapy Imago relationship therapy Call: 4435707598. I’d like to welcome you to our site,….


'Ban Bossy' campaign prompts debate

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Alicia Clark, a Washington, D.C., psychologist whose specialties include parenting and couples counseling, lauded the campaign's suggested alternatives to bossy and ideas for fostering leadership in girls, but she sees a broader sense of social anxiety …
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Make sure you notice the warning signs of alcoholism

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… Abuse Council for South Louisiana have seen the disease of addiction not only affect the individual, but millions of family members, including fathers, mothers, single parents, couples — straight or gay, regardless of ethnicity or social group …
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Developing and Maintaining a List of Referral Resources With Jason Hays


Developing and Maintaining a List of Referral Resources with Jason Hays – In this Caring Clergy video, Pastoral Counselor Jason Hays talks about how clergy can develop a list of mental health professionals who can help their congre…


The Rise of the Ruvo

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The Ruvo Center takes new patients through self-referral or patient referral, and among the insurance plans accepted are Anthem BCBS, Cigna Healthcare, Health Plan of Nevada, Sierra Health Care Options, Sierra Health and Life, and United Healthcare …
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The new [and not so new] faces of SMRC

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Gonzales worked as SMRC's cultural outreach coordinator for nearly eight years, bringing together the Hispanic community with events, education and outreach, and providing clients with everything from translation to counseling and referral. She left in …
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Are Clinical Psychologists Limited to Only Clinical Psychology?

Question by Ello G: Are clinical psychologists limited to only clinical psychology?
Say… If I became a clinical psychologist, but wanted to switch to a counseling psychologist, or industrial psychologist, etc. Could I make the switch right there? Or would I have to go back for those degrees?

Best answer:

Answer by michele
In most states (though not all), psychologists’ licensing is GENERAL. In other words, whether you have trained as a clinical, counseling, or I/O during your doctoral work, you all get the same license – a generic license as a PSYCHOLOGIST (no specializations). The difference comes in the way in which you market your services, which should be based on your training (i.e., those who trained in counseling psychology call themselves “counseling psychologists”).

~Dr. B.~

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Talk Therapy – Advice

15 & Pregnant ? Symptoms but No Period for 7 Months. No Way Im 7 Months Pregnant?

Question by : 15 & pregnant ? symptoms but no period for 7 months. No way im 7 months pregnant?
okay. so first i was taking birthcontrol for only a month & the stopped because of the side affects. i didnt have sex for a few months afterwards (january – april) & i havent had my period for 7 months i guess. i know that birthcontrol sometimes delay your next period as soon as you stop but ive heard you get it about 3 months later ? but anyways. i was having sex with my boyfriend since april & im not really positive if im pregnant or not since i dont get my period. ive grown a little belly & gained some weight. ive thrown up 2 times but it was 2 weeks apart & sometimes i get a little heart burn or a burning sensation in my throat when im laying down. i get bad leg cramps when im asleep or just laying down at night. i get tired REALLY easilly when im walking around somewhere. my breast arent sore & i dont pee often so thats kind of throwing me off. if i were to be pregnant id be around 9 to 11 weeks maybe more. i dont really have access to a pregnancy test though so i dont know how to find out. oh & sometimes i can feel a little flutter in my tummy sometimes two different sides of my tummy. & i look like im 4 months pregnant. but i think a lot of it is from bloating since i am constipated for a couple weeks. i just thought it wouldve went down already. im 15 & my boyfriend is 16 & his family is VERY religious. my parents on the other hand are VERY judgemental. sooo i really dont know what to do , please help !!

Directive Decision Making


Directive decision making


Foxconn New 'War' in Helping Workers' Psychological Health

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If any of the one million Foxconn employees across China is having any problem related to work, relationships, legal rights or personal problems, the professionals are just a phone call away. There's also a counseling room decorated with bright-colored …
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Psychological Consequences Of Calling Obesity A Disease

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Among her duties is counseling her patients on nutrition and weight. And she's with us from member station KUOW in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Walker, welcome back to you. Thanks for joining us once again. LESLIE WALKER: Thank you, glad to be here.
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Psychology vs. Psychiatry & Pre-Med?

Question by Izzy E: Psychology vs. Psychiatry & Pre-Med?
Please clarify if there are other options besides medical school in order to work clinically in the psychology field. I intended to study pre-med as an undergrad, enter med-school and receive an MD in order to be a psychiatrist. But is there another way I can be a clinical practitioner (e.g., work in the psychology/psychiatry field authorized to administer medicine to patients, rather than just counsel?)

Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by drdr
only an MD can prescribe drugs (and some psychiatric nurse practitioners); and, “just counsel” is pejorative in nature; generally speaking, psychologists may have a greater depth of knowledge of behavior than psychiatrists; drugs are at times the problem and not the answer

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