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15 & Pregnant ? Symptoms but No Period for 7 Months. No Way Im 7 Months Pregnant?

Question by : 15 & pregnant ? symptoms but no period for 7 months. No way im 7 months pregnant?
okay. so first i was taking birthcontrol for only a month & the stopped because of the side affects. i didnt have sex for a few months afterwards (january – april) & i havent had my period for 7 months i guess. i know that birthcontrol sometimes delay your next period as soon as you stop but ive heard you get it about 3 months later ? but anyways. i was having sex with my boyfriend since april & im not really positive if im pregnant or not since i dont get my period. ive grown a little belly & gained some weight. ive thrown up 2 times but it was 2 weeks apart & sometimes i get a little heart burn or a burning sensation in my throat when im laying down. i get bad leg cramps when im asleep or just laying down at night. i get tired REALLY easilly when im walking around somewhere. my breast arent sore & i dont pee often so thats kind of throwing me off. if i were to be pregnant id be around 9 to 11 weeks maybe more. i dont really have access to a pregnancy test though so i dont know how to find out. oh & sometimes i can feel a little flutter in my tummy sometimes two different sides of my tummy. & i look like im 4 months pregnant. but i think a lot of it is from bloating since i am constipated for a couple weeks. i just thought it wouldve went down already. im 15 & my boyfriend is 16 & his family is VERY religious. my parents on the other hand are VERY judgemental. sooo i really dont know what to do , please help !!

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Answer by Gwen
If you have the free time to have sex, you have the free time to go and get a pregnancy test.

It is the only way you’re going to tell. Otherwise, every single symptom you’ve described could be pregnancy or could be something else.

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