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The Need to Be Right – Individual & Couples Counselor Kelley Hopkins – Alvarez


The Need To Be Right – Individual & Couples Counselor Kelley Hopkins – Alvarez – Based in Ridgefield CT, Fairfield County, Individual and Couples Counselor Kelly Hopkins – Alvarez in this video di…


Would you go in for a stayover relationship?

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Says relationship counselor Seema Hingorrany, "Stayover relationships are ideal for couples, who have had a failed live-in relationship. It lets couples spend quality time with each other, without it impinging on their space." Post a comment. Sensex …
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Domestic Violence Court Strives to Reform Batterers

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Jose said he and his family have introduced positive activities into their lives through their church and couples therapy. "You've come a long way since you were 16," Bollar said. "I won't be seeing you again." The court is often the first time …
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Aaron Shaner: Love is in the air: Thoughts on preparing for marriage this spring

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Being newly married is challenging at times, but those who are on the road to marriage this spring or summer are not without help. Seeking the aid of a good pre-marriage counselor can help couples sharpen their relationship tools and develop the skills …
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