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Why Do People Have Problems With Underage Drinking?

Question by erowidkid: Why do people have problems with underage drinking?
I am an eighteen year old who has been reviewing the different posts/questions regarding underage drinking. I have encountered several people who get quite upset at those of us who are alright with the issue and I thought it would be fun to see a debate on yahoo answers. Heres my opinion, I am eighteen years old have had a job since 14, two jobs since 15 and maintained a B+ gpa throughout high school. I certainly think I am mature enough and responsible enough to determine if I am capable of drinking alcohol. But even for those who are not so responsible, is it not their lives, should they not be given the option to ruin it if they please. Overall, my basic philosophy for life is that anyone should be able to do what they please as long as they do not hurt anyone else in the process. Thus I certainly do not support drinking and driving or such dangerous situations. What exactly is wrong with this philosophy.

Best answer:

Answer by Aria T
Anti-Underage drinking:

1) It’s a cultural issue (people in the U.S. are just not comfortable with teenagers drinking).

2) The brain doesn’t fully finish developing until early to mid twenties.

3) Typical adolescents lack the forethought necessary to comprehend the potential consequences of their actions.

Pro-Underage drinking:

1) Countries who have a much lower drinking age, or who have none at all have a MUCH lower rate of alcohol abuse, alcohol-related accidents, and teenage drinking. (It seems that ALLOWING the teens to drink curbs their DESIRE to drink. Odd…)

2) Most teens can drink responsibly if they are in the presence of a responsible adult. As is the case with adults, as long as drinking does not interfere with other aspects of your life (your job/school, your family and social life, your ability to support yourself and your family), then it really isn’t a problem. If a teen is an alcoholic, they should be treated just like an adult who is an alcoholic (can you say “rehab”?).

3) If a teenager is expected to be responsible and mature enough to a) drive, b) enlist for the military draft, and c) vote, then they should be able to d) drink alcohol.

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