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Drugs Help!!?

Question by dollface: Drugs help!!?
feel like my life is so boring when im not on any type of drug at all its horrible i smoke pot during the week everyday actually and then the major durgs come in on the weekend im only 17 and this is want i think about /look forward to ever weekend when im sobar all i think about is getting drugs
last weekend was the worst binge i have had yet i did methadone,pot,opium,shrooms,coke and vicodin all within the hour and was up on all the **** for 3 days and havnt felt completley normal since i dont know if i should be concerned about the way i have been feeling but even the next weekend knowing i still didnt feel all there i did some extacy weed and coke and i added to the feeling of being totally out of it what should i do i cant stop thinkin about getting ****** up all the time i even planned on doing it this weekend even tho i know i shouldnt i cant convince myself not to
please help me i dont want to go to rehab or anuthing i just wanna be able to have fun but be able to stop when i want and not have it control my whole life what should i do is my life being setup for failure?
am i addicted?

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Answer by Kenneth C
I am a minister. I have counseled numerous youth just like yourself over the years. Your story is just like huge numbers of others…years ago I had a close friend …like you who wanted “out’ and couldnt get there. She did exactly as you did…promised herself and God she would quit on Monday and Tuesday she was looking for a connection and some money to make the deal.
She died.

Go to a church…any church during the weekdays..
and tell the lady at the church you need to visit the minister.
Or at least the youth minister.

Do this for yourself.
No one else.
Not your parents.
Not your boyfriend.
Not your friends.
For YOU.

Stay at home this weekend….

but the bottomline is this…no one …and I mean no one wants to do rehab…but all that do drugs need rehab.

BITE THE BULLET and do it.
email me if you need to talk
[email protected]

I am someone who cares.

They will direct you to agencies and medical help

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