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Gay Americans: Obama / Biden = Obama Will NOT Be the Next President. Your Thoughts?

Question by ~ Kass ~: Gay Americans: Obama / Biden = Obama will NOT be the next president. Your thoughts?
It’s now official. Obama has selected Joe Biden for Vice President.

I can’t believe he picked Biden. Obama has just destroyed his chances at becoming the next president. McCain will pick a liberal leaning Republican and get all the former Hillary supporters. There’s a lot of Reagan Democrats who will turn to a Republican if they feel they need to and that’s what will happen with most of the Hillary supporters. I can’t believe he didn’t choose Hillary for VP, it was his only chance at winning.

Hillary was all for GLBT rights and women’s rights. Hillary wasn’t afraid to talk about GLBT rights. Hillary didn’t worry about what Europeans thought of her or what McCain thought of her, she cared about America and wanted to make America better for Americans and now she can’t because of Obama. This is devastating to advancing GLBT rights in the United States. Obama hasn’t even touched the issue of gay marriage, and that’s because he’s against it. He said once (not on camera) that he supports civil unions and that’s b/s, he would just leave it up to the states and act like the issue doesn’t exist.

At least McCain has spoken about gay marriage, several times actually, and he’s against a federal amendment banning gay marriage. We now have a timetable for withdrawing from Iraq and Obama has no experience to improve the economy. Never thought I’d do it, but I’ll be voting for McCain.
Rodger, I really hope you’re not old enough to vote. If you are, that’s sad.
Pazuzu, I’m not an Obama hater, if it was an Obama/Clinton ticket, I would have voted for him, but I will not vote for two socialists.
“His wife is horrid looking….I would love to see Michelle as our first african american first lady!!!”
Gym, it’s people like you who shouldn’t be allowed to vote, and why should you be allowd to vote? You state on your profile that you’re an illegal immigrant.

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Answer by Special Agent JamBor
McCain is becoming president?

Oh no, we’re screwed!

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