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Writing a Book, Plot Summary and Some Stuff?

by gak

Question by This is how you sound.: Writing a book, plot summary and some stuff?
I’ve got an idea for a novel I’d like to write, i’ve just started working on it. But basically the plot is about a 16 year old girl, Brittany, who is murdered and how it affects those around her over the next few years. It starts with the day she died, she and her best friend Alyssa were supposed to go to the mall, but after getting into an argument with her mother, Alyssa can’t go. She texts Brittany who is already at the mall, and she decides to leave the mall early when she finds out Alyssa won’t be going, while waiting at the bus stop in front of the mall, she’s shot and killed in a drive by shooting. It’s all still very iffy, just an idea really. The book mostly focuses on Alyssa dealing with her friend’s death, blaming herself (had she been there, Brittany wouldn’t have been waiting for the bus at that time), listening to how suddenly everyone from school was close friends with Brittany, and how her life is changed by what happened. I think I’d like to have her write Brittany letters or emails throughout the book, telling her about what’s going on in her life. I’d also like to focus on a few other characters though (two other girls who were friends with the pair, and possibly a boy who Brittany was dating or somehow involved with) and I’m not sure whether to write it in 3rd person, 1st person from perspective of Alyssa, or change POV every few chapters. I’d like for it to end around 5 or so years after Brittany’s death with some kind of closure for Alyssa.

Anyways, any thoughts, ideas, or opinions would be helpful.

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Answer by Allusionary
I recommend finding a writing community:

The plot will require some unique perspectives because its a common plot. Not impossible to do. Just requires creativity and good writing.

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