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How to Document Narrative Notes for Eating Disorder Treatment With No Typing or Dictating


How to document narrative notes for Eating Disorder Treatment with no typing or dictating – This video tutorial demonstrates how to use web-based ICANotes EMR software to quickly create a narrative complete evaluation and progress note for a patient…


Depressed preschoolers?

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“We believe that the earlier you can identify the disorder, the more effective treatment will be,” Luby added. Researchers believe … Kids with dysthymia can feel hopeless, have low self-esteem, and even have problems eating and sleeping. Bipolar …
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Students increasingly seek therapy

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Kathryn Pieper, a clinical psychologist for young people struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression from Kansas City, Mo., has seen an increase in her patient numbers as well. “I've been doing this for about 22 years,” Pieper said. “I'm …
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