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My Neighbor Is a Scientologist and Says ADD Is Not Real?

Question by Ivory: My neighbor is a Scientologist and says ADD is not real?
I have ADHD, am in my mid twenties and once I started taking medicine (Ritalin) for it my entire life changed, along with therapy it was like a window opened. I am actually concentrating and I love it.

My neighbor is a Scientologist and once she found out is trying to convince me to come to her Scientologist center for a test, and wants me to get off ALL my medication even my asthma inhaler, she says ADD does not exist and I have bad thetins or something I need to get out.

I said my medicine is working very well and it has NO side effects except for decreased appetite. She keeps asking me to come with her to the center and said I might have to bring a few hundred.

What do you think? i don’t know a lot about Scientology but my mom hates her

Best answer:

Answer by Beez
This woman is inventorying someone else’s business. You are not obligated to her in any way. Just say you’ll handle it in your own way and decline her invitation to church. If she persists, tell her it’s not up for discussion.

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