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Conterversies of Modern Women Health Care


conterversies of modern women health care – A passion for innovation lies at the heart of Complete Healthcare for Women’s success. Through such innovation, our physicians have attained unparalleled exp…


Depression can be treated by Extreme Triggering of Neurons

Filed under: behaviour therapy for depression

In recent research conducted by the Icahn School of Medicine in New York, researchers have found that counterintuitive therapeutic strategy will work better for treating depression. Extreme Triggering of Neurons. The current treatment includes …
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Premorbid Depression Associated With Poor Anorexia Prognosis

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Many psychiatrists hope that a single treatment approach—say, cognitive-behavioral therapy [CBT] or an antidepressant—would relieve both anorexia and depression. Unfortunately, it seems that antidepressive medication does not alleviate symptoms of …
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'ADHD is a real condition and it needs to be treated'

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In recent weeks global media reported the views of Richard Saul, a behavioural neurologist based in Chicago, who essentially says ADHD does not really exist. Hearing people say it does not exist is very frustrating… it is like a dagger to our hearts …
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Prescriptions for a Healthy Life

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Mary Ann: Recent studies indicate that 65 percent of depressed people complain of significant and often debilitating pain that frequently takes center stage of what they present to the treating clinician. … Typically, depression that has a pain …
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