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My Dad Died. “Step Mom” Is Collecting His Social Security for a Child That Is Not His!?

Question by : My dad died. “step mom” is collecting his social security for a child that is not his!?
He passed suddenly. They had been living seperate for a little more than 2 years at the time of dads passing. She had a boyfriend from the start of the seperation, and had a kid with the boyfriend. My father and her never legally seperated/divorced though..and my fathers name is on the birth certificate. It is not his child, admitingly by all parties. However since she’s technically his “widow” she is entitled to survivor benefits. Those benefits become a large amount of money if there is a child involved…so she is collecting a large amount of money each month, claiming to social security that the child is my fathers. It is not. It has been known since she was pregnant that it is not my fathers…however she is just not telling that to social she can get more money. She is also a meth addict. I have already reported it to social security.They said it is fraud if the child isn’t his..and that she will have to pay the money back to social security..they said to get a family lawyer..(which I cannot afford) establish paternity. However I have been told by someone who knows “step mom” that they did do a paternity test. Her and the boyfriend seperated…and he got one for visitation/child support. Yet she is collecting a LARGE sum each month, partying and living off of my dad’s social security. I refuse to let my father be taken advantage of. I understand she is legally entitled to a widows benefit..that I can do nothing about…but this is not right. She shouldn’t be collecting such a huge amount for a child thats not his! It seems that the bad people win. What should I do? Has anyone out there had a similar experience? What would you do? I really need help with this. Im about to call Maury. 🙁 I have actually considered it! Its a mess..and is not right that I should be going thru this..especially after losing my dad. Thank you for all advice! Also I will never see a dime of it..and I dont care..its not about money..its about my father being taken advantage of. He worked hard for those benefits…its not right what she is doing.
Its $ 2600 a month! ….also yes I can prove she’s meth head…she just got arrested for possession of it 2 months ago. I understand your points pragmatism and thank all of you for responses.. yes this is my dads mess…She took advantage of him the whole time they were together..never working..always on drugs..its his mess yes. Social security has told me that it is fraudulent if its not actually his child…I know its the states money…but this woman has just lived off of him for so long. Also he had a girlfriend who found she was pregnant after his passing…and she’s claiming its his..and this one just might be. Her and stepmom were buddies..and were splitting the the girlfriend told me about it after they had a falling out. I told the girlfriend to contact me when she’s ready to establish paternity..because I need to know if I have a sibling …however..thats another mess. I really loved my dad..and yes I guess I am angry with him. I just think its so wrong

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Answer by Fred F
Report this to the IRS and inform them that you are not interested in the “Squealer’s Fee”, just justice.

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