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Australian Celebrity Apprentice Max Markson’s “Drug Addiction” Attack on Didler Cohen?

Question by Jarrod K: Australian Celebrity Apprentice Max Markson’s “drug addiction” attack on Didler Cohen?
I think it’s time to have a little fun here and ask you your thoughts if any of you Australians follow the show or heard the story after a measly few minutes being reported in media.

Basically what happened was Max Markson attacked Didler Cohen for not doing his job, but out of nowhere, he says he’s a “cocaine addict”. It’s not that it wasn’t true, but that it was uncalled for and inappropriate. And yet…they still aired the scene when he said it. It is one of the most awkward moments I have seen on the show, and so bizarre. Mad Max as they call them revealed how his frustration can lead him to being out of control on the show, and this showed it even more.

Guess what? It entertained me! Yeah he was a self-indulgent jerk, but that’s what boosts the ratings I am afraid.

This is such media bait. Max loved the attention he got, and he got it without hesitation. Even Mark Bouris (the host) laid low on the issue, and just let it slide. I bet Donald Trump would have stepped in and said he broke the rules, and fired him straight away. He still got fired, both him and Didler, but I still found it so awkward.
I know he never attacked people, except for this one time, but I do think he was self-absorbed the entire time. I never truly believed he knew anything about how others worked or thought of others at all. I do agree he was disadvantaged by his team mates, because they didn’t utilize his skills properly. But that’s another issue altogether.

Best answer:

Answer by Christopher F
Max had to be fired after making that comment for sure. However i think if you watch the show you will note that Max, despite what you may or may not think of his behavior never made personal attacks against others. It does not seem to be a social skill he has developed.
When Mark asked “why should i not fire you Max” he responded by promoting himself, how he could be better, not by immediately turning on the other guys. Then in an attempt to be strong he raised a valid point followed by the slur.
Just a failed attempt to be strong by a guy who is not actually mean spirited.

One thing that is worth noting is that max raised the bar on how much money was raised and almost no level of respect was given him by the other players for that.

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