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Is Vampirism an Addiction?

Question by CLOSED: Is Vampirism an addiction?
an interesting concept I think. Can you be de vamped and decided not to be one anymore and are there like withdrawl system? That hurt like hell? Drive you mad? Can you ever escape the hold a vampire might have on you?
Sadly no one got my meaning . Could people who “Think” they are and follow this lifestyle could it be like an addiction for them? The apparent need for blood. What if they stopped what would happen.

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Answer by meganmichele1988
ok…vampires = fiction…and weird!!!

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Naperville IL Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Additional Drug Rehabilitation

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Thanks to this additional drug rehab program, which is based upon the 12 steps of recovery, men and women begin to understand how powerful their addiction has had over their lives. New awakenings through therapy take place and they see how life with …
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The Need to Be Right – Individual & Couples Counselor Kelley Hopkins – Alvarez


The Need To Be Right – Individual & Couples Counselor Kelley Hopkins – Alvarez – Based in Ridgefield CT, Fairfield County, Individual and Couples Counselor Kelly Hopkins – Alvarez in this video di…


Would you go in for a stayover relationship?

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Says relationship counselor Seema Hingorrany, "Stayover relationships are ideal for couples, who have had a failed live-in relationship. It lets couples spend quality time with each other, without it impinging on their space." Post a comment. Sensex …
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Domestic Violence Court Strives to Reform Batterers

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Jose said he and his family have introduced positive activities into their lives through their church and couples therapy. "You've come a long way since you were 16," Bollar said. "I won't be seeing you again." The court is often the first time …
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Video Marketing for Marriage and Family Therapists


Video Marketing for Marriage and Family Therapists – Ernesto Segismundo Jr. is a licensed marriage and family therapist for California Altura Vista. Incorporating video marketing in your private practice in men…


With autism, every step is a victory

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He would spend about six hours a day working one-on-one with a therapist. Without ABA, we believe Jackson would not be where he is today. His therapists became like family. This year, he entered ?rst grade in a Rock Hill public school, where he is in a …
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Special needs kids hit the road with lots of help from bike-loan program

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Dealing With Your Anger, Fear, and Anxiety


Dealing with your anger, fear, and anxiety – Respected Christian therapist Karolyn Merriman shares insights on how a woman can deal with strong emotions such as fear, anger, or anxiety. More free resour…


Breaking through: A writing, healing and forgiveness process generates a play

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During her counseling sessions at the crisis center, she was encouraged to reframe April — the month that cast doom on her — into a more positive light. Counselors … A self-described sheltered 21-year-old, Ms. Barrett-Page was raised in a Christian …
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LYNNE SULLIVAN: Lebelle stays strong for children who suffered from

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Does Obama Support or Does Not Support the LGBT?

Question by G: Does Obama support or does not support the LGBT?
This is what he said: “I opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. It should be repealed and I will vote for its repeal on the Senate floor. I will also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying.”
What is the real reason why OBAMA supports the LGBT?

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Answer by Miss Issip Pi
Well, he supports it. He’s even said that.

But he also has a rather nasty habit of going back on his words, or mising them up. With that text, it’d be hard to re-word that with solid evidence.

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Suggestions for Architecture Thesis Book Materials (Revitalizing Old Mills/factories Into Residential)?

Question by : Suggestions for architecture thesis book materials (revitalizing old mills/factories into residential)?
My boyfriend is getting his Masters in Architecture currently. Starting next semester he has to do a “Thesis Prep” course, where he obviously does all research needed to complete his final thesis design project. I am looking to buy him some book materials for Christmas and was looking for any suggestions because I am not familiar with the topic. He wants to focus his thesis on redeveloping old run down factories/mills into residential complexes. But if anyone has suggestions for books about redeveloping old factories/mills for commercial use, I am definitely open to those too! I hope this makes sense and thank you for any of your time!
After some research, I found the terms “Mill Rehab” and “Mill Conversion”
and Adaptive Reuse

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