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Suggestions for Architecture Thesis Book Materials (Revitalizing Old Mills/factories Into Residential)?

Question by : Suggestions for architecture thesis book materials (revitalizing old mills/factories into residential)?
My boyfriend is getting his Masters in Architecture currently. Starting next semester he has to do a “Thesis Prep” course, where he obviously does all research needed to complete his final thesis design project. I am looking to buy him some book materials for Christmas and was looking for any suggestions because I am not familiar with the topic. He wants to focus his thesis on redeveloping old run down factories/mills into residential complexes. But if anyone has suggestions for books about redeveloping old factories/mills for commercial use, I am definitely open to those too! I hope this makes sense and thank you for any of your time!
After some research, I found the terms “Mill Rehab” and “Mill Conversion”
and Adaptive Reuse

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I do not have specific book titles. However, you might try the following.

1. Contact Hennessey + Ingalls Art and Architecture Bookstore at . Scroll to the bottom of their home page and click on Architecture Preservation, .

2. Besides your other search terms of “Mill Rehab” and “Mill Conversion,” search and the internet for Architecture Preservation, Architectural Preservation, Architecture Adaptive Reuse.

3. Assuming you are in the U.S., contact the American Institute of Architects (AIA) at Email, call, and/or search their site.

4. Ask the question of the university librarian.

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