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Wondering if I Have Bipolar Depression?

Question by : Wondering if I have bipolar depression?
I’ve been feeling suicidal and self-harming for quite a while now, and a friend told me that I might be suffering from bipolar depression. After a while, my feeling of suicidal-ness would leave and I’d feel perfectly fine again.

My last “episode” had me crying uncontrollably, with raging thoughts of mostly suicide. It lasted for half an hour, I think?

This has been happening for a few times and I’m wondering if these could be symptoms of bipolar depression? I’ve been taking some online tests to determine if I do have bipolar depression and so far, all my test results are positive.

I’m going to consult a specialist about this soon, but I’m also wondering if this is all just hormones? I’m still in my early teenage years so I’m wondering if this is just puberty haha. Please help! Thanks.

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“bipolar depression” “bipolar depression” “bipolar depression”. That doesn’t exist in this world. You know why you have that? because you are thinking it. Let me give you a example;

“If you want a candy so bad, you will find a candy.”
“If you want a bipolar depression so bad, you will find a bipolar depression”

It is only puberty. Or you just love giving you advice from people. From what i read, I don’t see the cause of your bipolar depression, you didn’t write it what makes you suicidal. I am 100% sure A normal Troubled person will write down his/her reason of being suicidal. But you, you don’t write, and that makes me wonder why you have that disorder. or you are just wanting an attention, ‘that is what i see from you, you want attention. go spend time with your family/friends, have fun with them. Remember, suicide is for the weak. And Don’t consult a specialist, It’s a waste of time.

another piece of advice, don’t post about suicidal it freaks people out. If you want to talk about suicidal talk to your friends or family. 🙂 smile :’> just smile.


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