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Why Do AA People Always Speak in Cult Jargon?

Question by Annie: Why do AA people always speak in cult jargon?
When I confront members of AA regarding the obvious religious nature of the cult, they always reply back with cult jargon. This proves my point exactly that once people are indoctrinated, they give up thinking for themselves and rely on the mind-numbing jargon of the group.

When I say to someone “You are brainwashed,” they often reply back “Good. My brain needed a good washing.”

Other examples:
“One day at a time.”
“Let go and let God.”
“KISS-Keep it simple, stupid.”
“It works. It really does.”
“Keep comin’ back.”
“Keep an open mind.”
“There is no chemical solution to a spirtual problem”
“Don’t intellectualize—Utilitize”

Often when I post questions like this on Answers, I will get a reply from an AAer. They often reply in cult jargon. It is so funny. They will say “Don’t drink and go to a meeting.” or “It works. Keep commin’ back.” or “It works if you work it.” Then they put “Friend of Bill W’s” in the source. They do not think on their own so th
ey rely on the cult jargon written by Bill Wilson. By the way, Bill W. was a psychotic womanizer who was obsessed with the occult. He actually thinks he got the steps from talking to spirits. What a freak!

Why do they speak in cult jargon?
People in AA that are going to respond: Why don’t you try to prove to me that you are actually capable of thinking for yourself. Don’t respond with cult jargon, but rather try to forumate your OWN answer. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Scarlett
I really don’t have much experience with AA- though I have visted two AA locations for a class assignment. I really didn’t pick up on their ‘jargon’ talk,’ but I don’t think harshly on AA. Some people need other people to help them through their addictions. And sometimes they need to be around other people who know exactly how they feel. The people there really supported one another and it seemed liked these meetings helped them alot. I think calling it a cult in a bit far-fetched. AA is not for everyone, but it’s not bad.

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