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What’s “Bad Counseling” ?

Question by : What’s “bad counseling” ?
What would you consider “bad counseling”? Have you ever had an experience with a counselor/therapist/psychiatrist where you thought: “hey, that was pretty bad!” ??
Thank-you both for your answers… Are some counselors purposely ‘bad’ to keep buisness going, perhaps? The best counselor I had was free of charge and it has me wondering…

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Answer by Shefali Batra MD
Bad counseling is the opposite of ‘god counseling’. A good counselor helps the client to help him or herself. A bad counselor may not be able to address the core problem and side track the main issue. Bad counselors may get judgmental and offer their own personal opinions and beliefs. They may not use the counselor pre requisites of empathy, positive regard for clients and they may not be able to help them to help themselves. They may also arouse dependence in their clients and it may be a technique to raise their own self esteem through the dependence.
Beware of bad counselors!
I’m a psychiatrist and counselor myself so I am aware of the theory behind being bad!

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