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What Types of Therapy and Counseling Are Available to Help Children With ADHD?

Question by Poncho: What types of therapy and counseling are available to help children with ADHD?
I am doing research on ADHD and I need this question answered.
best answer gets full pts, thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Elaine
As a person with AD HD, their is therapy with yoga which helps you calm down situations with breathing. Their are also programs which help you improve your working memory, (check out Cog med).Often people with AD HD use stress balls, and other tools which help stimulate them. Additionally, their are “exposure” therapies, where the psychologist may expose them to a small amount of what causes them to be hyper, then work on ways to calm them selves down. Their are also stimulation pills, which increase focus but increase hyperactivity, and other pills which may do the opposite of these.

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