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What Are Your Thoughts on the University of Phoenix…?

Question by mommy of two babies (:: What are your thoughts on the University of Phoenix…?
I have an A.A on Spanish with a certificate in Communications from a state junior college in Ca
& i am graduating in the spring with my B.A on Child, Adolescent, & Family studies with a minor on sociology from a Cal State University

& i loved the Master of Science degree in Counseling/Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy at University of Phoenix…
It’s not online, but on campus & it would take me about 2 1/2 years plus all the hours that the state requires to get certified ….
The program is state approved but with so many people saying many negative things about it, i am doubting it
It’s not expensive as people say, the cost will be below the mid 30s which is about the same at my local Cal State University
I want to be a social worker & work with families & kids and this degree would qualify me for many employers as a social clinical worker 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by PE2008
Employers have been known to toss all job applications listing U of Phoenix degrees, directly into the trash.

U of Phoenix employs teachers (note the “university” doesn’t call them professors) who are unable to get real jobs. UoP is their last hope for a paycheck.

Koneko bills herself as a “PhD Therapist who does Psych Evals in the ER”.
Turns out her “PhD” is variously described as either in Theology or “Christian Leadership”.

Apparently Koneko is teaching at U of Phoenix on the basis of her claim of a Master’s in Psychology (which is actually a degree in “Counseling”).
This is typical of U of Phoenix hiring practices.

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