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Vocational Rehab. Caseworker/Eval. Interviw Tomorrow?

Question by joe T: Vocational Rehab. Caseworker/Eval. Interviw Tomorrow?
My interview is tomorrow and I want to get some tip on possible interview questions. Has anyone been through such an interview…remember any questions?

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Answer by jannsody
Just taking a guess at what might be asked of a prospective vocational rehab counselor: “What is your educational (and/or job or fieldwork) background?” “How can that help you excel in this setting?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” (weaknesses is trick question and Never say anything negative like you’re a proscrastinator or such.) “Do you enjoy working alone or with others?” (trick as one should be able to do both 😉 I’m not sure if the interviewer (and not to make you even more anxious because I’m just presupposing) would give you a scenario on paper or out loud and ask you how you the next step with that ‘client’. Of course they will most likely ask of your availability regardless of whether they hire you or not just to hear your answer. You may be asked where “you see yourself in 5 years?” “What are your goals as far as schooling?”

And if they ask you if you have any questions, do Not right away ask about salary but let that be your very last question unless perhaps the interviewer brings it up earlier. If filling out the application, just put ‘salary negotiable’ under ‘salary desired’ question. And you probably already know, but don’t speak negatively about former employers as it really reflects poorly on the interviewee. Perhaps if they ask if you have any other questions, you can ask if they see you fitting into their organization and its goals or something to that effect. There may be a website which has other types of questions that may be asked. Perhaps you can go to and type into search ‘interviews and questions’ or such. Just please keep in mind that if ‘worse comes to worst’, that you will merely gain more experience being interviewed. And send a ‘thank you’ note to that employer right away for giving you the opportunity to interview with them. Good luck to you!

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