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Psychology Question Please Help 10points and Best Answer?

Question by Jamie B: Psychology question please help 10points and best answer?
ok im doing a psychology paper and the topic is

What are some of the major differences between insight therapies and behavior therapies in the treatment of psychological disorders? Do you agree with the behavioral view that undesirable behaviors are the problem, not symptoms of some underlying cause? Why or why not?

can anyone please help me with some information. I’m not really sure where to start. anything info you can give or websites about this topic is greatly appreciated

Thank you

Best answer:

Answer by David B
Insight therapies focus on the underlying thought patterns, emotions, and cognitions in the treatment of disorders. Some examples include psychodynamic therapy and cognitive therapy. So, for example, if somebody is depressed, cognitive therapy would examine the pattern of negative thoughts that cause depression (“My girlfriend never calls…she must be cheating…i am so worthless…”).

Behavioral therapies ignore the “black box” and instead focus on the input and the output. Behavioral therapies can be quite effective with certain populations and certain disorders, such as children, people who are anti-social, and OCD/anxiety disorders.

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