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I Saw Few Dreams of My Dead Dog Died Again the Dreams?

Question by daisy!: I saw few dreams of my dead dog died again the dreams?
My dog had died again the dream but I couldn’t see his body just saw the blood .. But at the end , he died .. Please help me out what does it exactly means that he died again in the dream

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Answer by Edwin
(IMO) it might mean that blood equates to sadness and death of something. Or it might mean you feel like your losing something..or…it might mean feelings of helplessness and you have no control or that there is nothing you can do to stop him or something from ending. Basically unseen dog, blood, and dying again, are the key pictures here. Try to figure out what each one stands for and try to relate it to something you did on that day or felt? Did you have feelings of hurt, was something on your mind? Did any thought of your dog come on that day? etc.

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