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I Have an “addiction” I Think I Need Help!?

Question by Karla: I have an “addiction” i think i need help!?
Im a college student and i think i have a HUGE problem?? whenever i have money from my paycheck i rush to the stores and i buy what i thin i “need” and immediately when i get my receipt i feel sad and anxious. Dont get me wrong i make the payments to all my credit cards on time and i never exceed my limit…. but ifi have 1 dollars left i have to spend it.. i spend and spend and spend….and spend… but i cant stop. Sometimes in the afternoons i say “i feel like buying something and i go to the store and come back with something i didnt need” my parents are just like me..thats why they are in bankruptcy… but i dont want to end up like this some mental problem????? HELP but i dont want a counselor it would cost me money that i could use to buy shoes or something else important.. any other ideas??

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Answer by B Dorian
That’s a lack of self control. It may take a crisis to teach you a good lesson. Until then, just stop blowing money.

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