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I Am Depressed, I Have No Idea What to Do Now?

Question by 8051 Microcontroller: I am depressed, I have no idea what to do now?
I am in a very bad mood lately,
I moved out from my parents house few states across , 1 year ago because of their violent and abusive nature ( mental ).
I suffered depression and anxiety ( still there )

I just found out that I have a sex addiction and the only book I read , is dealing with how to give everything you have to a “higher power” in other words it’s telling me to pray to “god to overcome my addiction”. I used to beleive in God , but not anymore.

I don’t think i want to chose that path . Sorry , if you have a different belief.
I am just sick of my life, I have a job , But it pays me hardly any money to keep me afloat. I am trying to get a raise, But its’ taking longer and longer to get it.

And now I have a sexual addiction , and porn addiction which I have “NO IDEA HOW TO OVERCOME” .

In the past I have tried to overcome “Depression, and anxiety, through help of audiobooks” But there are no Good audiobooks that deal with Sexual addiction and , not enough forums and the only therapists that knows how to deal with this problem charges $ 150/session. ( 1 hour )

I am just clueless, I have nobody here , except for my girlfriend and I can’t talk to her about this stuff , ever since she found out my porn addiction .
I feel so bad that I hurt her. I feel like crying right now. I don’t know what to do . I am clueless. I don’t take any medications for my depression or anxiety because I don’t believe it’s a permanent solution.

I am sick of my addiction, depression , my anxiety, me not having enough money , On top of all this I am gaining weight and every day after work , I try to avoid reality by sitting on my bed watching porn.

I am starting to get sick of everything.
I have nobody here , What should I do ?

Best answer:

Answer by ainouta l
You are a porn addict because you got nothing better to do. Am i right?

Your porn addiction will never be cured unless you find something that you are interested in. I know say is easier than done . But try your best , its all up to you.

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