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How Do I Help My Children With the Loss of Their Father.?

Question by Hazeleyes: How do I help my children with the loss of their father.?
His death was almost 3 years ago and with the holidays passing they are missing him a lot and I don’t know how to assure them of how they are feeling or how to help them understand some of those feelings. We lost him suddenly to cancer, from diagnosis to the time of his death was about 2 weeks so they never got the chance to adjust to him being sick or to get prepared for the loss of him. Also I don’t know if I can actually help them because I never really greived when he passed I was and am still so angry that he was taken so suddenly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. To add one more thing his parents are starting to shut my children out and treat them differently than before. It has always been that way but it has gotten worse, how do I help them cope with that?

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Answer by Jessica P
Try telling your kids that there father loved them very much,and that is always with them.And he wouldn’t want to see them down.Good Luck! And I am sorry for the loss of your husband!

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