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How Do I Get Over the Death of My Still Born Daughter?

Question by broken hearted: How do I get over the death of my still born daughter?
I never expected for my daughter to die inside of me, we had six weeks to go. She was my everything and I am devasted, broken and, empty. I discovered at my anti natel check on the 14th January 2008, that Nia heart had stopped, my baby had died. Her angel day was the 16th January 2008.

I held my precious baby in my arms, no breath, no heart beat. I had her for 4 days while I was in hospital, can you image I left with empty arms, and a shattered heart.

How could this be? This was not part of the script, I had waited so long for a child and then abruptly she was taken away.

What do I do know is wish that I died too. I am afraid to leave the house, as when I do all I see is happy mum pushing the babies. Saturday was a sunny day so I was encouraged to go out for the day, big mistake, as all I did was cry when I saw little girls.

Today, is yet another empty and sad day, will I ever get over this? I am on my own (her dad left when he found out I was pregnant).

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Answer by tickled blue
you don’t ‘get over it/her’. You will greive her for a long time to come…..but you do need to talk to someone. Express your feelings and fears about this. It isn’t right or healthy for you to stay at home all day and be afraid to go outside. While I know that makes you very sad to see little girls… also must think about what your daughter would have wanted. She wouldn’t want her mommy to be stuck inside the house all day….crying all the time. This is very new and raw right now. I can’t even imagine your pain. It is ok and right for you to express it and share it with friends, family, counselors…anyone who will listen. The only way to move forward in your life is to put one foot in front of the other and think about what your daughter would have wanted for your life.

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