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Marriage Counseling NJ, Relationship and Couples Therapy Essex County


Marriage Counseling NJ, Relationship and Couples Therapy Essex County – Maplewood Counseling in NJ provides marriage counseling and relationship therapy for couples who want find ways to improve and strengthen their relationship….


Westfield Board of Education Hears Guidance and Counseling Presentation

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WESTFIELD, NJ — Student assistance counselor Maureen Mazzarese gave an in-depth presentation on the current state of guidance and counseling in the school district at the Westfield Board of Education meeting Tuesday. “I said it before and I'll say it …


Gloucester County prosecutor's victim-witness advocate to receive NJ award

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“Grieving families of countless victims have benefited form Barb's advocacy and empathy, which has been the hallmark of the victim-witness unit in Gloucester County.” In nominating Carter, GCPO Trial Chief Mary Pyffer … Carter and a clerical …

The Christian View of Grief Acts 8:1-4 Part 2 of 2


The Christian View of Grief Acts 8:1-4 Part 2 of 2 – Insights on death and grieving from the murder of Stephen in Acts 8:1-4. Part 2 of 2.


HOSPITAL APOLOGY; grieving family hears from doctor who also lost a daughter

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Royal Columbian Hospital has apologized to a Coquitlam couple after a catastrophic labour and delivery resulted in the death of their baby. Kate Austin-Rivas and her husband Didier Rivas say nothing can erase the pain of losing their newborn, Ireland …
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Do Monkeys Grieve for Fallen Mates?

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… and chimp mothers have been observed carrying around the bodies of infants for days after their death—although scientists have debated whether the latter behavior represents true grieving or if the mothers didn't realize their infants were really …
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I Saw Few Dreams of My Dead Dog Died Again the Dreams?

Question by daisy!: I saw few dreams of my dead dog died again the dreams?
My dog had died again the dream but I couldn’t see his body just saw the blood .. But at the end , he died .. Please help me out what does it exactly means that he died again in the dream

Best answer:

Answer by Edwin
(IMO) it might mean that blood equates to sadness and death of something. Or it might mean you feel like your losing something..or…it might mean feelings of helplessness and you have no control or that there is nothing you can do to stop him or something from ending. Basically unseen dog, blood, and dying again, are the key pictures here. Try to figure out what each one stands for and try to relate it to something you did on that day or felt? Did you have feelings of hurt, was something on your mind? Did any thought of your dog come on that day? etc.

What Do U Thank I Should Handle a Death in a Family?

Question by Cece H: what do u thank i should handle a death in a family?

Best answer:

Answer by Shan
Go to and type “grief” in the taskbar, and enter. Call: The Grief Recovery Institute (U.S.A.) 1-800-445-4808, or Hospice (phone book). Email [email protected] Chatrooms and forums: and and Other websites: and (coping, supporting others, loss of relationship, or pet) and and and Understand that there are often several stages of grief.

The stages are:

Denial: The initial stage: “It can’t be happening.”
Anger: “Why ME? It’s not fair?!” (either referring to God, oneself, or anybody perceived, rightly or wrongly, as “responsible”)
Bargaining: “Just let me live to see my son graduate.”
Depression: “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”
Acceptance: “It’s going to be OK.”
Kübler-Ross originally applied these stages to any form of catastrophic personal loss (job, income, freedom). This also includes the death of a loved one and divorce. Kübler-Ross also claimed these steps do not necessarily come in order, nor are they all experienced by all patients, though she stated a person will always experience at least two.

Help and Healing After a Loss – Part II


Help and healing after a loss – part II – We all experience loss in different ways and on different timelines. And grieving is truly a process, not a short-term state of mind. Here are some natural e…


Mass MoCA will hold an evening of poetry to honor Agha Shahid Ali

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Grieving himself, for Shahid and for losses in his own family, Patkin found in Shahid's last poem anger and loss — and hope. "What's beautiful about him, he doesn't lose his sense of optimism, his spirit," Patkin said. "The cause of all great poetry …
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Lennon Waterman confirmed as identity of body found

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Umm My Cat Just Passed and Know I Am Extremely Depressed.?

Question by N M: Umm my cat just passed and know I am extremely depressed.?
what can I do to help stabilize myself?

Best answer:

Answer by jimmy urine
all you can really do is give yourself time, and you’ll get over it eventually

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Losing a pet – will I ever love again? – Losing a pet can be one of the most difficult and heartbreaking things to deal with. As a volunteer in pet loss support at our l…


Pethouse Pet of the Week

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Turnoffs: Before we start grieving for the loss of "The Late Show With David Letterman," please tell me one notable interview, one memorable comedy bit from Letterman in the past 10 years. I used to be the biggest Letterman fan, but it's time. Maybe a …
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