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After Reading the Article “Radical Therapy” by Lauren (Link Below) Would You Take the Pill Everyday and Why?

Question by Robert O: after reading the article “radical therapy” by Lauren (link below) would you take the pill everyday and why?

This is purely out of curiosity. Brought on by a psychology class

Best answer:

Answer by Andi
it seems like the man in the article needed something to jolt him out of his depression and the “you’re gonna die” trick worked well for him to start enjoying life.
but a pill that forces you to enjoy life because it might be your last seems ridiculous. they’re still being provided with a chance of death, which is ethically wrong. and they might develop anxiety problems if they keep thinking they might die next time they take the pill, even if it is voluntary.
it just seems like telling someone to enjoy everyday as if it were their last is not as effective as actually lying to them about their mortality, but it’s the closest you can get morally.

The Power of Knowing Your Self-Worth | Orlando Relationship Counseling


The Power Of Knowing Your Self-Worth | Orlando Relationship Counseling – Joann Venant, Orlando Relationship Counselor helps you understand how you can own your self-worth to be the person you desire to be! YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! Lea…


Man gets prison in Naperville sex abuse case

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Cammiso said a written police incident report did not state how long the relationship between Fogelman and the girl lasted. One instance of abuse occurred on or about Aug. 1, 2012, with the child pornography crime occurring that Dec. 5, according to …
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Vermont doctor made the case for more cardiac rehab

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Just Realized “therapist” Is “the Rapist”?

Question by ..:::..KayLee..:::..: Just realized “therapist” is “the rapist”?
Isn’t that kind of creepy? Makes me feel like they maybe should have called that occupation something else. Especially since the majority of rape victims will most likely end up seeking counseling!!

Best answer:

Answer by paul
If you don’t feel comfortable talking with a therapist you can ask to be referred to someone more suitable to your needs

What do you think? Answer below!


Editorials from around Pennsylvania

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Styron spent the last part of his life speaking widely about his depression, often counseling others. … —A dentist (Laurie Stanell) and writer/therapist (Art Greenwald), a 2010 Penn State graduate (Gavin Keirans) and a stay-at-home mom (Christine …
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Trichotillomania: the NEW new therapist

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Alcohol Rehab Testimonial


Alcohol Rehab Testimonial – John shares his story about how Beachway changed his life.


BioCorRx backs alcohol-suppression implant with rehab program

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Several medicines that maintain abstinence and sobriety are also used to help people in recovery from alcoholism. One drug, disulfiram, interferes with alcohol metabolism so that drinking a small amount will cause nausea, vomiting, blurred vision …
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Support for Alcoholism After Rehab? There's an App for That

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A smartphone application may be effective in helping alcohol-dependent patients remain abstinent following a stint in a residential rehab facility, new research shows. Results from a randomized trial show that individuals with alcohol use disorder …
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Youth Addiction – Vista Bay Drug Rehab


Youth Addiction – Vista Bay drug rehab – This video is about youth addiction in the US. More information on Vista Bay drug rehab


Opening up about addiction at UNC

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Owen is certainly not alone, with the fastest growing new population with alcoholism or drug addiction being people between the ages 18 to 25, said Dean Blackburn, director of Student Wellness. “UNC realized a number of years ago as we were identifying …
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Integrity House Hosts Opening Celebration for the Integrity Recovery House for

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“The Recovery House for Men addresses the growing need for effective community reintegration that is consistent with best practices in adult substance abuse treatment and recovery services,” said Robert J. Budsock, CEO of Integrity House. “The support …
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Does My Girlfriend Have Borderline Personality Disorder? and Is It Just a Mild Version?

Question by Tiyanna V: Does my girlfriend have borderline personality disorder? And is it just a mild version?
My girlfriend is 21 and from the very beginning we were very comfortable with eachother. She opened up to me rather quickly telling me that she would jump from relationship to relationship usually ending them by cheating on one guy and continuing a relationship with the new guy. This was her cycle until she met her most current ex that she was with for 2.5 years. However cheated on him twice. She told me she was with him for so long because he bought her nice things and she would spend extravagantly with him. (the excessive spending) When she gets depressed she goes on shopping sprees spending thousands at a time. She also opened up to me early saying that she was raped at the age of 10 and during that time her parents were going through a divorce. During out relationship (its been 6 months) she will be very dramatic about random things and get annoyed easily often pushing me away but will get over it rather quickly. She has moodswings and she can cry on demand (thats what i think) but she cries and then will compose herself very quickly. When things got really bad and i was gonna break up with her, she cut herself multiple times and even said things that showed she was thinkin of killing herself. When im mad at her I will often ignore her for a complete day and she will become frantic and call me nonstop and text me nonstop and she will come to my house/work and wait for me outside my house (this was one time). She says she HATES it when people ignore her. Our sex is really fun and started the 2nd day i met her. Its frequent (she always wants to whenever we can) and she likes it rough and likes to play like im “raping” her but she HATES using condoms and refuses. She can get anxiety fairly easy and she is very manipulative to get what she wants. When i broke up wit her once in public, she through a tantrum (stomping her feet, bangin her head against the wall, and yelling and crying). When she wants to keep me around she tells me im a perfect bf for her and then she will switch n say that i dont care about her at all. She has really low self esteem and is self concious always thinking people are judging her (which she says is due to her modeling). She is constantly lieing and even when I call her out on it she still holds true to her lie unless i have evidence. She had bad memory and will repeat stories over and over. She used to do coke (or still might) and smokes a pack of cigs a day. She currently sees a doctor for ADD and takes Adderall. Do these disorders go hand in hand? Could the adderrall be makin her BPD more apparent? She told me she saw her doctors paper n it said “Neurological disorder?” n it was circled yes…she says her dad wont tell her what thats all about, n im not sure if shes hiding the fact that she does have BPD or if she doesnt know herself that she has it. I know this sounds like i just read the symptoms and repeated them and put them all in to one girl. But this is real and i know it sounds like its pretty obvious she has it…but i think its mild. Is it possible for BPD to be mild? Her mood swings are only when we are having a difficult time in our relationship. The BPD symptoms are only apparent when we are having problems in our relationship and not entirely in her platonic or mutual relationships or with her family. Any and all insight will help. Im not sure if its a disorder or if its just her personality cause how can you blame some things on a disorder like this if its just how you are. She also has friends that act in the same manner. Could I be making her BPD more apparent, what are ways to help her with this from my end?
Forgot, she will also do a lot for me, usually going out of her way to bring me lunch, and buy me nice things. She is constantly giving to her friends and is always taking care of people.
Also she is pretty self absorbed, and cares alot about superficial things.
also, she always wants to spend time together as much as possible. She doesnt really have the symptom of wanting me and then pushing me away. Shes convinced that she loves me and always will. Shes very good at maniplating me and reads me very well.
i appreciate all the responses…im afraid that her BPD is developing and im in the beginning. It seems her family may know something she doesnt because they just recently started her therapy…the thing is they for some reason just started it now and shes 21. So I have a feeling they wanted to monitor it because they are afraid it going to start getting worse…
she doesnt have this symptom: