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After Reading the Article “Radical Therapy” by Lauren (Link Below) Would You Take the Pill Everyday and Why?

Question by Robert O: after reading the article “radical therapy” by Lauren (link below) would you take the pill everyday and why?

This is purely out of curiosity. Brought on by a psychology class

Best answer:

Answer by Andi
it seems like the man in the article needed something to jolt him out of his depression and the “you’re gonna die” trick worked well for him to start enjoying life.
but a pill that forces you to enjoy life because it might be your last seems ridiculous. they’re still being provided with a chance of death, which is ethically wrong. and they might develop anxiety problems if they keep thinking they might die next time they take the pill, even if it is voluntary.
it just seems like telling someone to enjoy everyday as if it were their last is not as effective as actually lying to them about their mortality, but it’s the closest you can get morally.


What do you think? Answer below!



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