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Depression Problem With My Boyfriend? I Need Help and Answers..?

Question by loving my life<3: Depression Problem with my boyfriend? I need help and answers..?
Okay; So Me and my boyfriend have been together a few months. He is 19.. Idk if that makes any difference or not.

He has a problem that like.. If things go wrong.. or he gets worried.. or thinks i might leave him or something..(i would never.. but i think he gets nervous because of past bad relationships) that he starts to shake uncontrollably.. sometimes for as long as an hour or two!

And it scares me; As I’ve looked into it some.. And even posted things on here.. And from that and talking to him some.. It looks like its a depression problem.

He had a bad one almost a year ago.. and it has gotten allot better since me and him have been together.. But its still there some days.

If he could afford it; I would definitely say start seeing a doctor this needs to be fixed completely now..

But honestly.. He really cant right now.. life’s hard enough to get by with Rent.. food.. gas.. so on!

He DOES have insurance through work.. they take out like 40$ a week.. we have no idea what that covers though.. And he currently doesn’t have a doctor? Idk? do you think that we should look into that option?

Is there really.. any other options though?

I really want to take care of this before there is a real problem. I worry about his heart when he gets worked up.. and other things. And so does he! The good thing is; He is realizing something is not right..

Now I just need advice as to how to help fix it?

I know he is scared to face it.. He also has said he is scared that they’ll put him on something and it’ll get worse.. Cause that does happen.. But Like i said.. I don’t know if there is any other options.

I don’t think this is something that is really going to fix itself.. That is kind of another question though?

Please give some opinions.. Especially if you’ve seen or gone through something similar.. Dr’s advice is good too!

thank you so soooo much!

Best answer:

Answer by julieisbest
If he has insurance he should have an insurance card. On the back there should be a customer service number (they may call it “member services” or some such thing). Call and ask if his plan covers mental health services. If so, ask for details (is there a limit to his number of visits per month or year, for instance, or whether it counts toward his deductible) and ask them to give you a list of doctors.

If his insurance DOESN’T cover mental health there should be a local solution for you that is low-cost. Search “low cost mental health counseling [YOUR COUNTY HERE]” or “mental health services [YOUR COUNTY HERE]”, you can try a bunch of different search phrases. But it’ll most likely be something that is offered through your county. I know a lot of metro areas offer low-cost clinics for mental health, women’s clinics, etc. etc.

Good luck!

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