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Dating a Pain-Pill Addict… He Has Been Clean 1 Year… but I Have Doubts!! Run?

Question by : Dating a pain-pill addict… he has been clean 1 year… but I have doubts!! Run?
I have never even touched a drug. I started dating him a little over a year ago. He had been addicted on and off for over 6 years (he is 32). He was never happy, never had a good job and was miserable so he never got clean.

I met him… realized, it was bad… he went to rehab for 30 days. He has been in NA meetings, has a sponsor and has been clean for 9 months. Has a great job now, a nice truck, we moved in together 6 months ago and I control the money (he only gets a minimal amount in his account every week… it makes me feel better about his sobriety).

He says he loves me with his whole heart – his family has told me that I’m their angel for saving him and that he has never talked about a girl like he does me. He tells me I saved him.

I am 27 – I have been through a lot. I have dated my fair share of men – and I can honestly say, I do love him and think he is my soulmate.

But…. I can’t get it out of my head how people say if someone is a drug addict, they will ALWAYS relapse… whether it be a week from now or 10 years from now, they will.

Is this true? Am I being stupid by sticking by him?


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Answer by Spike
if you hang around a turky you will turn in to one

– gobble

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