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Are PAPs and APs the Only People in Need of Support Services?

Question by Andraya – Snark’s Sister: Are PAPs and APs the only people in need of support services?
During the past week I have been looking into in person support groups for adoptees and natural families, obviously because I am both an adoptee and a nmom. Even though I know I shouldn’t be shocked at the lack of resources for these groups I AM shocked at the vast amount of support groups for APs and PAPs.

Search ANY state or province and leave all the fields open so you get a full listing of ALL support services to ALL people with adoption connections. Notice anything odd?

Why do you think there are so many support services for adoptive parents and people trying to adopt and so few support services for adoptees and natural family members?

Best answer:

Answer by 23 year old texas female married
It is because North America has a business they are running and they need to cater to their clientel. But the victims of adoption nobody cares about because you don’t have the big bucks that the lobbyist have. Sorry to break it to you so harshly. But it is all about money and the lobbyist are the ones that pay the law makers!

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