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Is There a Free Online Counseling Chat?

Question by Armora: Is there a free online counseling chat?
I was wondering if there was a free online counseling chat. I am not feeling so well mentally and I really need someone to talk to. Yes, I already have a counselor. But I don’t even have any friends to talk to. And I can’t bug my counselor 24/7. So, if anyone knows of any free online counseling chat sites, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me. Yes, I have a self harm problem. No, I do not want to hurt myself right now. So, I do not feel the need to take a up a bed at the hospital for someone else who may really need it. Thanks to all who answer.

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Does Anyone Know of a Free Sexual Trauma Counselor in San Antonio, Texas?

Question by Apophis: Does anyone know of a free sexual trauma counselor in San Antonio, Texas?
I recently encountered in my life, a person who committed a horrible sexual offense against my child. It has caused significant mental trauma for both myself and my child. I need a resource to go to, here in my hometown for trauma related to pedophilia. I cannot afford health insurance. I need a free counselling service. I hope someone can help me, because each day that goes by…I feel more and more close to homicidal…since the man was never put in prison. There has got to be at least one good source out here.

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Answer by killakron_420
if there is anywhere in your area that provides std kits/condoms or anything of the sort a “free clinic” i believe they’re called, they usually have resources for sexual crisis, including counseling services. Also, if you don’t know of any, you can try the guidance department of a high school, they also have this info. available.

For Catholics:Can Father Michael Pfleger Be Censured for His Rants at Trinity United Church of Christ?

Question by auntfran8: For Catholics:Can Father Michael Pfleger be censured for his rants at Trinity United Church of Christ?
What can,or will,the Archdiocese of Chicago do with him because of his unbecoming unpriestly rants at Trinity United Church of Christ,the church that Sen. Barack Obama just resigned his membership from?

What’s more,is that this wasn’t even a Catholic church that he was a guest speaker at.

The Catholic church in this country has had enough problems dealing with the current sexual abuse scandal,and,also a shortage of priests & nuns.

In my opinion,the last thing it needs is for someone like Father Michael Pfleger to do the ranting that he did as a guest speaker in Chicago at a non Catholic church.

Ranting anywhere in my opinion is wrong!

If he was censured by the Archdiocese of Chicago,would they also respect his right to free speech?

How Much Trouble Will My Stupid Sister Get Into for Cyber Bullying?

Question by Mike: How much trouble will my Stupid Sister get into for Cyber Bullying?
So heres the story my sister is like ten and her some other kids on this website called weeworld. One of her friends got some beef (problems) with this other girl there in 5th btw. So my retarded sister stepped and basically started to make fun of the other girl on the site nothing too bad but basically calling her ugly, has no friends, should wear a mask and asking her if she was born on a highway cuz thats were accidents happen oh yea to make things worse she threatened the girl by saying if she talked to her friend one more time she will get hurt. Now the girls parents are pretty mad at my sister. So how much trouble can she get into and is there anything i can i do to try to help her out?
Here is what she specifically wrote

Is Counseling Other People Good on Resume? Why?

Question by rachel: Is counseling other people good on resume? Why?
I heard that experience of counseling other people is good on resume in the US. Is it true? If so, why? It is not the same in my country, and I am so curious. Thanks!

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Answer by Trevor J
If I read counseling on a persons resume I would see them as having some empathy with others and would consider that a good thing in a team environment.

Can I suggest you gloss it up a little instead of “just counseling”.

Try using words and phrases like, psychological analysis, problem solving techniques, thinking outside the square, life crisis assistance, reorientation of priorities, aggressive goal setting and monitoring, thought conditioning, . These all say the things you have probably done but just make it sound a little more spin doctorish!!!! People actually love this stuff in business.

Is Religious Fanaticism Blocking Comprehensive Drug Reform?

Question by Dr Jazz ?? E??l A???????™??: Is religious fanaticism blocking comprehensive drug reform?
Here’s the theory:

The US is the most religious and yet most violent country in the industrialized world. That’s a fact BUT…

Comprehensive drug reform world seriously reduce violence. Most violence is either drug(deal) related or domestic abuse. If people could buy pot they would try harder to stay out of jail. Some religious fanatics are attempting to block modern drug reform because if people are smoking it their interest in religion would statistically decline. Plus, a less violent society would mean less revenue for churches because less people would be victims of violence and turn to disreality out of fear. Church participation spiked sharply right after 9-11-2001.