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Help Me With My Eating Please..whats Wrong With Me?

Question by : help me with my eating please..whats wrong with me?
overall i want to be a healthy eater and exercise atleast 4 times a week,, il keep this up for 3-4 days then binge, not exercise and even eat the foods im allergic to! i hate myself when i do this i really want to keep healthy and know i have some psychological reason im breaking my diet all the think maybe i have an attachment to food or like i see unhealthiness as the real me or something…why do i eat the food when i dont want to
i weigh 97lbs…im not fat?

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Answer by SparklenShine
Maybe your just not getting enough to eat.

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Has the Field of Psychiatry Been Infilitrated by Drug Companies?

Question by Ð4MÃN!™ (End the Fed!): Has the field of Psychiatry been infilitrated by drug companies?
Psychiatry, in a pure sense, should not involve drugging people. Psychiatrists should seek to cure their patient’s mental disorders or issues through natural means, and this is VERY possible. There is no need to drug over 30 million Americans every day. Its ridiculous.

I believe the answers is yes, so the real question may be: To what extent?

Psychiatrists are sponsored by drug companies, and are so loose with their prescription pads. They don’t do much asides from prescribing drugs. Its unfortunate, really.

Richard Louv, a scientist who studies a term he coined himself, “natural-deficit disorders” studies how so many of the mental disorders which psychiatrists work can be dealt with through other means, such as exposure to nature. It is absolutely not necessary to drug millions of Americans.
I’m not sure what the percentage is, but a substantially large percentage of the American population takes drugs for depression-related purposes.

What Do the Judge and Prosecutor Say in a Court Hearing?

Question by The Blockader: What do the Judge and Prosecutor say in a Court Hearing?
I have to write a play for my individual drama piece at school, and then I have to act it all out by myself in front of a live audience, -_-“.

I need to know what the Judge and the Prosecutor and anybody else in the courtroom would say during the whole process of a Court Hearing, every thing from “All rise” to “I sentence you to life in prison”.

It would be nice if someone could also show me some examples from other websites, maybe this has been written out in some other script as well. Any help is a lot. Thanks.

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Choosing a Psychoanalyst?

Question by Esperance: Choosing a psychoanalyst?
I suffer from bouts of OCD and would like to speak with a psychoanalyst. There is only one listed in my phonebook. Do they take most health insurances? How do I know if he liscensed and dependable?
I am choosing a psychoanalyst because I prefer a more conversational type of therapy. I don’t want medication, but rather want someone to help me get to the root of why I suffer from OCD.
Please also give me some insights on the nature of psychotherapy. I have never sought any type of psychological help before.
I rather mean, “nature of psychoanalysis”

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Answer by Stephen
Alright, this is my personal opinion as a former psychology major, but I hope you will find it helpful:

Fear of Flying?

Question by drea_me_3000: Fear of Flying?
Does anyone know what the best resource for fear of flying is? I’m going to be flying to Japan in October of next year, so I have a year to work on it.

I’ve only flown 2 times, and only from where I live to California which was barely a 4 hour flight.

The first flight was ok, just nerve wracking… the second one was horrible. They didn’t warn us we were hitting turbulance, and for someone who has never been through it, dropping altitude out of no where wasn’t fun.

So I’ve been terrified of flying ever since, but I’m committed to this trip now since I paid $ 100.00 for my passport, and my brother and his wife have already made solid plans to come along. (plus my aunt is giving me her time share in Tokyo.)

Sevin Phillips, MFT


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Mormon leader Neil L. Andersen outlines opposition to gay marriage

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Mormon leader Neil L. Andersen outlines opposition to gay marriage. Saturday, April 05, 2014. People walk pass a unidentified protester with a bible on their way from the Conference Center during opening session of the two-day Mormon church conference …


Therapy center opening second office

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Katie Peat is an occupational therapist and owner of The Therapy Playce. The business treats children who have a variety of neurological deficits, learning disabilities, birth defects as well as those with developmental delays, and offers pediatric …
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