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Fear of Flying?

Question by drea_me_3000: Fear of Flying?
Does anyone know what the best resource for fear of flying is? I’m going to be flying to Japan in October of next year, so I have a year to work on it.

I’ve only flown 2 times, and only from where I live to California which was barely a 4 hour flight.

The first flight was ok, just nerve wracking… the second one was horrible. They didn’t warn us we were hitting turbulance, and for someone who has never been through it, dropping altitude out of no where wasn’t fun.

So I’ve been terrified of flying ever since, but I’m committed to this trip now since I paid $ 100.00 for my passport, and my brother and his wife have already made solid plans to come along. (plus my aunt is giving me her time share in Tokyo.)

So I NEEEEEEDDDDD something to help with my fear of flying. Any advice on resources would be appreciated!!!
If you only have stupid answers to offer, please don’t even bother. It just makes yourself look bad.

Why would anyone want to be intentionally stupid to make themselves look bad?

You think it makes you look cute or smart? Just the opposite sweetie.
that was directed at babygrl by the way.

Best answer:

Answer by babygrlwin
Check your calender now and when your leaving. THen check every time a plane crashes

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