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Choosing a Psychoanalyst?

Question by Esperance: Choosing a psychoanalyst?
I suffer from bouts of OCD and would like to speak with a psychoanalyst. There is only one listed in my phonebook. Do they take most health insurances? How do I know if he liscensed and dependable?
I am choosing a psychoanalyst because I prefer a more conversational type of therapy. I don’t want medication, but rather want someone to help me get to the root of why I suffer from OCD.
Please also give me some insights on the nature of psychotherapy. I have never sought any type of psychological help before.
I rather mean, “nature of psychoanalysis”

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Answer by Stephen
Alright, this is my personal opinion as a former psychology major, but I hope you will find it helpful:

As far as psychology goes, psychoanalysis is not, in my opinion, the way to go. Psychoanalysis was a bit hit back in the day, but it has come to be shown that it is a cyclical and somewhat inescapable form of treatment in that you can -never get better- if your doctor doesn’t want you to. You will always be suppressing things or projecting things, etc etc.

I would much more strongly suggest talking to a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, or perhaps a Clinical Psychologist. They are slightly more legitimate, again in my opinion, and they may be able to better direct you to appropriate treatment for OCD.

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