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Jesus and His Work – Episode 3 in “Finding Meaning”


Jesus and His Work – Episode 3 in “Finding Meaning” – We can’t be living our Gospel values if we put them on hold from 8a.m.-5p.m. This program will help us to apply these values when we are swarmed by conflicts…


After blast, a new beginning for old ways in West

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"There is no way of measuring the people that died, and saying we are benefitting from the loss," Mayor Tommy Muska said. "I don't ever think you can say you …. "I am going to sit down once there is a grieving place," he said. "I just haven't had a …
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The Orchard of Lost Souls by Nadifa Mohamed: review

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Themes of loss and abandonment, especially between parent and child, permeate the novel. Deqo's mother deserted her as a child; Kawsar is grieving the death of her only daughter; Filsan was beaten by her father and now, although a good soldier, is …
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Mum recounts moment she found her dead son

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April 10, 2014: When a drug-crazed burglar broke into this young mum's home, he took the thing most precious to her-her baby boy's life. In an A Current Affair exclusive, a grieving mother opens up about her broken heart and the loss of her baby son.
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