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Do You Tend to “Play Therapist” With Your Friends and Family Members.?

Question by lorina.: Do you tend to “play therapist” with your friends and family members.?

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Answer by Vivie
Sometimes, but that’s just because I know everything! lol

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Understanding Your Teenager by Grace Tang, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist – NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Alameda County South, California, Monthly Chinese Programs ???????????????:?????,Understanding Your Teenager, Nov…


Family And Friends Testify In McVay Case

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A mental health therapist who's worked with McVay regularly since the murder says McVay began to show remorse for what he'd done several months after he committed the crime. The therapist also noted that once McVay began showing remorse, his …
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J&J Landscaping moves to Raritan Township, adds retail garden center

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In the early '80s, Jack married Patti, a lifelong Readington Township resident, and they started a family. Though he … Kate is a registered horticultural therapist, formerly working at NYU Langone Medical Center, and has experience in garden retail …
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Creating the next Picasso

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She attended Sonoma State, studying to be an art therapist before life as a mom sidetracked her studies. Russell had … Russell acknowledges the help of not only family and friends but also the church in helping her business to get where it is today …
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