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Marrying a Sailor. Fleet and Family Services “Required” Premarital Counseling?

Question by Candace: Marrying a sailor. Fleet and Family Services “Required” Premarital Counseling?
My fiance came home today and said something about there being a Premarital Counseling course he and I would have to go through with Fleet and Family Services before we could get married. Is this true? What does the course consist of? Has anyone ever been through it?

Best answer:

Answer by Yak Rider
Are you overseas? If so, yes, they can jerk you around in all kinds of ways.

If you are not overseas then nothing is mandatory. You are free, just like any other citizen, to get married with our without premarital counseling.

Having said that, it IS in your BEST interest to go through the counseling no matter where you are located.

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