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Help Me With My Eating Please..whats Wrong With Me?

Question by : help me with my eating please..whats wrong with me?
overall i want to be a healthy eater and exercise atleast 4 times a week,, il keep this up for 3-4 days then binge, not exercise and even eat the foods im allergic to! i hate myself when i do this i really want to keep healthy and know i have some psychological reason im breaking my diet all the think maybe i have an attachment to food or like i see unhealthiness as the real me or something…why do i eat the food when i dont want to
i weigh 97lbs…im not fat?

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Answer by SparklenShine
Maybe your just not getting enough to eat.

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Health and Support

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Child and family services: Offering a number of groups: Eating disorder support group, 11 a.m.-noon Fridays; Parents Grieving the Loss of Children Group, second and fourth Wesnesday of the month, 1-2:30 p.m.; Art Therapy Workshop, 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m. …


Anorexia and Shabbat

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By high school I was eating under 800 calories a day, and by the start of college 500. By the time I sought treatment I was living only on caffeine. I know this sounds implausible to those of you without an eating disorder, but it's not like people …
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