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Is Counseling Other People Good on Resume? Why?

Question by rachel: Is counseling other people good on resume? Why?
I heard that experience of counseling other people is good on resume in the US. Is it true? If so, why? It is not the same in my country, and I am so curious. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Trevor J
If I read counseling on a persons resume I would see them as having some empathy with others and would consider that a good thing in a team environment.

Can I suggest you gloss it up a little instead of “just counseling”.

Try using words and phrases like, psychological analysis, problem solving techniques, thinking outside the square, life crisis assistance, reorientation of priorities, aggressive goal setting and monitoring, thought conditioning, . These all say the things you have probably done but just make it sound a little more spin doctorish!!!! People actually love this stuff in business.

Good luck with the newie. Jackson.

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crisis couinseling lecture 1a.mp4