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Good Teen Book for a Girl?

Question by Aya: good teen book for a girl?
im looking for a good teen book. i kinda want it to be about anorexia, bulimia, pregnancy, teen intercourse, teen problems. can you help me out? i was looking online at barns n noble but i don’t know what to read. im not a huge fantasy person, or sci-fi. but Realistic fiction is probably my fav.

so if its possible can you give me a title and an author so i can look it up

oh and one more thing. NO TWILIGHT SAGA BOOKS! and also no books on vampires. im so sick of vampires i could PUKE!

Best answer:

Answer by yeah, it’s me
Well I know a book about two girls (teens) getting new identities. I really enjoyed it and it’s a series of 4 books. They’re called The Missing Persons Series. Written by M.E. Rabb I think/hope you’ll like them.

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