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Is Obama the Biggest Hypocrite We Have Ever Had in the White House?

Question by Don M: Is Obama the biggest hypocrite we have ever had in the White House?
He says corporate executives shouldn’t fly around in private jets, then takes Air Force One to Chicago–to celebrate Earth Day! (Carbon footprint, anyone?)

He says we can’t eat as much as we want or keep our thermostats as high as we want in the winter, then serves Japanese kobe beef ($ 100 a pound) at a White House party and keeps his thermostat on the warm side.

He opposes school vouchers, then sends his own kids to the very exclusive Sidwell Friends private school.

He doesn’t want executives to party in Las Vegas, but takes Michelle to New York on a taxpayer funded “date night”.

Can you come up with more examples?
Judge Judy–Obama was not a successful businessman before becoming president. Why can’t lefties ever get their facts straight?
A face can’t be hypocritical, and criticism of Obama is not ,racist.

I have been happily married for 32 years. I think everyone should enjoy the good things in life, not just the liberal elite.

Best answer:

Answer by deacon666smirk
No. Your examples are weak and the result of your jealousy. Amazing isn’t it? In his life, he has major accoplishments, including being President of the United States of America, admired by billions of people all around the world. You, on the other hand, are a politically impotent, irrelevant, and unimportant nobody posting your bile on a website visited by a few dozen people.

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