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Does Medicare Cover Sex Change Operations?

Question by JeN: Does medicare cover sex change operations?
are sex change operations covered in san frans city health care plan?? If its not how long do you think it will take before it is? and what are your thoughts on this topic (waste of money)??

Best answer:

Answer by HearKat
NO —
The counseling services for someone who is transgendered will probably be covered, at least in part; but the surgical procedures and hormone therapies most likely would not be considered “medical necessities” but “cosmetic services” instead, and therefore not covered.

MediCARE is the health plan for elderly (over 65) or disabled; while MedicAID is the health program offered through public assistance

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Rainier Episode 3 – The Rainier Hotel is a treatment and recovery centre for high-risk women from Vancouver’s downtown eastside (DTES) who are in transition from detox. The prog…

My Neighbor Is a Scientologist and Says ADD Is Not Real?

Question by Ivory: My neighbor is a Scientologist and says ADD is not real?
I have ADHD, am in my mid twenties and once I started taking medicine (Ritalin) for it my entire life changed, along with therapy it was like a window opened. I am actually concentrating and I love it.

My neighbor is a Scientologist and once she found out is trying to convince me to come to her Scientologist center for a test, and wants me to get off ALL my medication even my asthma inhaler, she says ADD does not exist and I have bad thetins or something I need to get out.

I said my medicine is working very well and it has NO side effects except for decreased appetite. She keeps asking me to come with her to the center and said I might have to bring a few hundred.

Are PAPs and APs the Only People in Need of Support Services?

Question by Andraya – Snark’s Sister: Are PAPs and APs the only people in need of support services?
During the past week I have been looking into in person support groups for adoptees and natural families, obviously because I am both an adoptee and a nmom. Even though I know I shouldn’t be shocked at the lack of resources for these groups I AM shocked at the vast amount of support groups for APs and PAPs.

Search ANY state or province and leave all the fields open so you get a full listing of ALL support services to ALL people with adoption connections. Notice anything odd?

Why do you think there are so many support services for adoptive parents and people trying to adopt and so few support services for adoptees and natural family members?

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What Types of Therapy and Counseling Are Available to Help Children With ADHD?

Question by Poncho: What types of therapy and counseling are available to help children with ADHD?
I am doing research on ADHD and I need this question answered.
best answer gets full pts, thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Elaine
As a person with AD HD, their is therapy with yoga which helps you calm down situations with breathing. Their are also programs which help you improve your working memory, (check out Cog med).Often people with AD HD use stress balls, and other tools which help stimulate them. Additionally, their are “exposure” therapies, where the psychologist may expose them to a small amount of what causes them to be hyper, then work on ways to calm them selves down. Their are also stimulation pills, which increase focus but increase hyperactivity, and other pills which may do the opposite of these.

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Gay Americans: Obama / Biden = Obama Will NOT Be the Next President. Your Thoughts?

Question by ~ Kass ~: Gay Americans: Obama / Biden = Obama will NOT be the next president. Your thoughts?
It’s now official. Obama has selected Joe Biden for Vice President.

I can’t believe he picked Biden. Obama has just destroyed his chances at becoming the next president. McCain will pick a liberal leaning Republican and get all the former Hillary supporters. There’s a lot of Reagan Democrats who will turn to a Republican if they feel they need to and that’s what will happen with most of the Hillary supporters. I can’t believe he didn’t choose Hillary for VP, it was his only chance at winning.

About Clinical Psychology?

Question by Captain Smitty: About Clinical Psychology?
Can you tell me about it?
I’m confused as to what the job of a clinical psychologist is.
Is this professional counseling?

Any added facts would be great!
Thank you.

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Answer by Sugar
There is not a Major difference .

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Visting professor speaks on challenges of manhood

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Michael Iezzi, a counseling psychologist at the student counseling center, said the event was inspiring. “What I take away from it is, we don't have to necessarily buy into all of the things that make you a macho man and you can just be yourself …
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Margaret Lavin:

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