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Is There a Free Online Counseling Chat?

Question by Armora: Is there a free online counseling chat?
I was wondering if there was a free online counseling chat. I am not feeling so well mentally and I really need someone to talk to. Yes, I already have a counselor. But I don’t even have any friends to talk to. And I can’t bug my counselor 24/7. So, if anyone knows of any free online counseling chat sites, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me. Yes, I have a self harm problem. No, I do not want to hurt myself right now. So, I do not feel the need to take a up a bed at the hospital for someone else who may really need it. Thanks to all who answer.

Best answer:

Answer by happylovehealth
I would be happy chatting with you – as it would also help me in return. I’m also looking for a good online friend with whom i can share my problems – and – you know those petty li’l things which sometimes bother me a lot but are not big enough to discuss with a counselor. let me know if youare interested. I am not a counselor but i could be the friend you are looking for!

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