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How Much Trouble Will My Stupid Sister Get Into for Cyber Bullying?

Question by Mike: How much trouble will my Stupid Sister get into for Cyber Bullying?
So heres the story my sister is like ten and her some other kids on this website called weeworld. One of her friends got some beef (problems) with this other girl there in 5th btw. So my retarded sister stepped and basically started to make fun of the other girl on the site nothing too bad but basically calling her ugly, has no friends, should wear a mask and asking her if she was born on a highway cuz thats were accidents happen oh yea to make things worse she threatened the girl by saying if she talked to her friend one more time she will get hurt. Now the girls parents are pretty mad at my sister. So how much trouble can she get into and is there anything i can i do to try to help her out?
Here is what she specifically wrote

in ur profile thingy i thnk u r umm…………..oh yeah UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!! If u look up the word ugly u wlll see a pic of u rite next to it


in the other message i meant u should where a mask in ms so it can cover ur ugly face:)

u hve such a bad personality and in ms u should wear a mask to cover ur face. You must hve born on a highway cuz thts where most accidents happen.HAHAHAHAh 🙂

btw no one is ur frend so u should just erase ur frends list

i agree wit cookie13monster cuz she is my frend. You should leave her alone or else i’ll hurt u

Best answer:

Answer by Peter W
Well in five words… cyber bullying is a felony so you should be able to finish the rest of questions yourself

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