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Is Religious Fanaticism Blocking Comprehensive Drug Reform?

Question by Dr Jazz ?? E??l A???????™??: Is religious fanaticism blocking comprehensive drug reform?
Here’s the theory:

The US is the most religious and yet most violent country in the industrialized world. That’s a fact BUT…

Comprehensive drug reform world seriously reduce violence. Most violence is either drug(deal) related or domestic abuse. If people could buy pot they would try harder to stay out of jail. Some religious fanatics are attempting to block modern drug reform because if people are smoking it their interest in religion would statistically decline. Plus, a less violent society would mean less revenue for churches because less people would be victims of violence and turn to disreality out of fear. Church participation spiked sharply right after 9-11-2001.

This theory is also underscored by the fact the “pro-life” crowd in the Republican Party is silent on banning tobacco which kills 660,000 Americans a year, mostly because big tobacco is a major GOP contributor. Nor do they express an interest in banning divorce in a country with a 55-60% divorce rate yet many have been caught making embarrassingly hateful remarks aimed at married gays.
Same reasoning.

And there is also a long-standing relationship between the pharmaceutical indutry that want to keep marijuana banned to protect its own profits and the GOP that caters to a fundamentalist voting block.

So, is drug law reformed blocked by employees of religious organizations just to keep the violence and prisons they need to continue to make their case Americans “need” them? Whenever there’s a drug- deal related shooting there is always a call for more “counseling” from pastors, but it doesn’t really change the scene.

Then there’s the theocratic anti-choice control-freak stance that has stayed the same since the Dark Ages.Now overcome in older Europe it is a little undersood alternative in younger America.

Best answer:

Answer by toomordgs
agreed, it takes a only a little research to find that the most damaging drugs available are alcohol and tobacco closely followed by the psychotics used by the profession of madmen

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