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Online Therapy for PTSD – Talk to a Therapist Online for Help With PTSD


Online Therapy for PTSD – Talk to a Therapist Online for Help with PTSD – ONLINE THERAPY for POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD). Visit: CONTACT ME TODAY TO LEARN M…


Baristanet Profile: Safiya Oni Brown

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What's on your nightstand? A asal thermometer and a huge piece of Smokey Quartz. Your iPod? Mumford and Sons, Meditations, New Order, Pharrell, Sigor Ros… What are your current addictions? Harmony Integration Therapy and making gluten free pizzas …
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Organ donation gives man new lease on life

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As of March 2014, more than 1.8 million Tennesseans have signed up on the Donate Life Tennessee Organ and Tissue Donor Registry, either online or through the Department of Safety. Tennesseans can register to be an organ donor simply by checking yes …
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Sean Campbell Discusses His Positive Experiences With Psychological Counseling


Sean Campbell Discusses His Positive Experiences with Psychological Counseling – Sean Campbell, award winning speaker and mental health advocate, speaks to the campus and general community at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College in Clift…


Man sentenced to 90 days in jail over weekends in Route 20 collision

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She has undergone physical, vision, occupational and speech therapy and psychological counseling. “He had no right to do this,” she said. “Why does he get to live his life when I'm still suffering?” Bantin-Barney told the judge, “Before the accident …
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Lara Courrier seeks re-appointment to Mineral school board

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I am a graduate of Keyser High School, attended Potomac State College, have a bachelor's degree in psychology from West Virginia University, and have a master's degree in counseling from Marshall University. I am a licensed professional counselor and a …
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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Union City NJ | Call 800-303-2938 for Assistance


Alcohol Rehab Centers in Union City NJ | Call 800-303-2938 For Assistance – Alcohol Rehab Centers in Union City NJ – Call 800-303-2938 For Assistance Alcoholism can cost you a fortune if not treated properly. It is very essential tha…


Substance Abuse Tx Problematic Despite ACA

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Similarly, the vast majority of the substance abuse treatment in Colorado is located in centers with more than 16 beds, said Arthur Schut, chief executive officer of Denver-based Arapahoe House. There are ongoing conversations among treatment providers …
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Vermont Senate hears challenge of opiate treatment

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Bill Young, the head of the Maple Leaf Farm residential drug and alcohol treatment and recovery center in Underhill, told the Senate Health and Welfare committee Thursday estimates say 50,000 Vermonters need substance abuse treatment ever year.
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Sociophobia, What Happens Now?

Question by : sociophobia, what happens now?
i posted other questions, someone said, “Please get help, before you get house bound!! and have panic attacks!!!” i am having panic attacks, and are house bound. What do i do? The doctor cant get me help for 2 months, psychologist is full, i am so unhappy, i feel neglected, please see if u can answer my other questions x

Best answer:

Answer by OkieRoadhunter
In the case of my brother, he filed for Social Security disability, and stays home and gets a check (paid for in part by your tax dollars) for doing nothing.
Two months is too long to wait. Find another doctor. If you can’t get in to see a psychiatrist, go to your regular doctor, and ask for a prescription of Xanax, generic name Alprazolam. It is what will be prescribed by the psychiatrist, and any Dr. can prescribe it.
Please note that I said “psychiatrist”. While seeing a “psychologist” for talk therapy is a good idea, they can’t prescribe drugs, and an anti-anxiety medication is what you need.

Canvas Substance Abuse Screening Test Mobile App


Canvas Substance Abuse Screening Test Mobile App – A simple checklist style app for addicts and those who help them. This app help…



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Massive rush of patients at the de-addiction centres in SMHS and Police Control room's (PCR) reveals manifold increase of drug abuse among youth in the age group of 18-35 years. The Psychiatric unit at SMHS presents has been witnessing massive rush of …


Earning an Online Degree in School Counseling From Capella University


Earning an online degree in School Counseling from Capella University – – The impact of earning an online degree in school counseling from Capella University, an accredited online university.


Tobacco use tied to 53% of deaths in schizophrenia patients

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… is affiliated with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, and his associates. Two factors are probably driving the excess mortality, they noted: insufficient tobacco use counseling and treatment, and the absence of regular cancer …
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Kristina Olvera Says She is a Woman. The Prison System Says He is a Man.

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